Children of the Cross

A Children's Apostolate of Prayer for Priests and Persecuted Christians

"Children of the Cross" is a Prayer Apostolate made up primarily of children dedicated to praying for priests and persecuted Christians. These little cenacles of prayerful Love  meet on the Frist Friday of the Month to pray the Chaplet of Mercy, one decade of the Rosary, the Chaplet of Sorrows (if time allows) and spontaneous prayer of the children for priests and persecuted Christians all over the world. The children are invited and encouraged to bring pictures with them to these prayer meetings of any priests and persecuted Christians/communities that they want to specifically include in the prayer. We pray that this little, hidden Apostolate of childlike love may spread a perfume of grace throughout the world.

From Pope John Paul II's Letter to Children published December 13, 1994:

"...Jesus and his Mother often choose children and give them important tasks for the life of the Church and of humanity...The Redeemer of humanity seems to share with them his concern for others: for parents, for other boys and girls. He eagerly awaits their prayers. What enormous power the prayer of children has! This becomes a model for grown-ups themselves: praying with simple and complete trust means praying as children pray...

And here I come to an important point in this Letter: at the end of this Year of the Family, dear young friends, it is to your prayers that I want to entrust the problems of your own families, and of all the families in the world. And not only this: I also have other intentions to ask you to pray for. The Pope counts very much on your prayers. We must pray together and pray hard, that humanity, made up of billions of human beings, may become more and more the family of God and able to live in peace. At the beginning of this Letter I mentioned the unspeakable suffering which many children have experienced in this century, and which many of them are continuing to endure at this very moment. How many of them, even in these days, are becoming victims of the hatred which is raging in different parts of the world: in the Balkans, for example, and in some African countries. It was while I was thinking about these facts, which fill our hearts with pain, that I decided to ask you, dear boys and girls, to take upon yourselves the duty of praying for peace. You know this well: love and harmony build peace, hatred and violence destroy it. You instinctively turn away from hatred and are attracted by love: for this reason the Pope is certain that you will not refuse his request, but that you will join in his prayer for peace in the world with the same enthusiasm with which you pray for peace and harmony in your own families..."

Mary Kloska Speaks about Her Apostolate of 

'Children of the Cross'

(giving examples of children who were saints!)

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Here are some pictures from the Pakistani Children's Prayer Group with a witness from the leader of this group:

"Greetings to you Mary...

I am very happy to share with you that we had a wonderful prayer session with “Cross of the Children” just now. It was an experience full of the Holy Spirit. Children prayed for all the persecuted Christians in Pakistan and throughout the world. Children also prayed for all the priests in the whole world and also in Pakistan.

We had a special short prayer for the nurses who were recently falsely accused of blasphemy and going through life threats. There were tears in the eyes of all children.

At the end I encouraged all the children to write thank you letters to God for all the priests who always do their best to give us direction.

Next time, I have asked them to bring pictures of the priests and persecuted Christians with them.

I am witnessing that our small room was full of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you to God and thanks to you for your motivation and blessings.

I am sharing a few pictures of today’s prayer session. And please use these pictures to spread our message of peace.

Note: I also need your continued prayers as I have started translating the book “In our Lady’s Shadow – Spirituality of Praying for Priests. I used a few references today from this book and from “Out of Darkness”.

And I am also praying that God may provide us with some funds so to have few more books on Holiness of Womanhood and some free books of “Out of Darkness”

Many people are asking for books but I feel sorry that I cannot give them free. May God provide us some assistance so I may give them as they are really in need.

Once again thanks God for all HE is doing for us. I also thank God for your life Mary. Thanks for being light and hope in our darkness and despair here in Pakistan.


May 21, 2021

The 'Children of the Cross' Prayer Groups are really spreading quickly in Pakistan to pray for priests and persecuted Christians. We still need $1050 to print copies of my book, 'In Our Lady's Shadow: the Spirituality of Praying for Priests' so that we can give them to the priests and catechists and adults leading these groups. We also need almost $600 for a similar work in Nigeria. Please pray for people to be generous. Please read these testimonies and follow this Gofundme link.

If you would like to be part of a Children of the Cross group to pray for these intentions please contact me. Those who live near me are invited to come pray with me the first Friday of the month at 3:30. Others are welcome to start a little group with their own children or children of your neighborhood. Please see this link or contact me for more information:


And please pray for my translator Aqif, who does all of this for free simply to spread the Gospel! He sent me the following letter. Be sure to read the captions of the pictures below:

"Greetings of the Lord and Our lady be with you!

I am very happy to share with you that we had a small thanksgiving prayer for these two books. We prayed for all those who have helped us through their prayer and of course funds. We had a special prayer for Dr. Sebastian who is always there to encourage us and available for our persecuted Christians in our country.

We had a special prayer for Mary Kloska, whose books have really given our people hope, love, understanding, dignity, peace and a source to know Jesus.


I have shared a few pictures with some writing about our Children of the Cross.

I have a plan through these groups I will engage with women groups, youth groups and other elders of the community. And then I will use these two books to quench their spiritual thirst and to provide them some peace, hope and love.

Priests in my place always thought that they are the one who can pray for others. But when I shared with priests about the idea that we have groups that will pray for them, they really appreciated it. Few of them were humble to acknowledge that they need people to pray for them.


I would like to share that in my place there is a gap between lay people and priests. So when I talked to the priests, they said that it’s our prayer that the book “In our Lady’s Shadow” will make connections with people and priests.


We also prayed in our groups that God may provide us to print this book. We need (money) to begin the printing. (The total is $1050.)

Our people are everyday suffering and going through emotional and physical pain. Many times they have nothing to eat. Children have no idea about God and why they should pray. They know nothing about Jesus. Most of them do not know about Mother Mary. These books are becoming the source to know why they should pray, gradually they are knowing who is God, who is Jesus.

Thank you for your books, for your wisdom, thanks God who is using your books in my country.


Children of the Cross Prayer Group in Nigeria:

Children of the Cross in Pakistan:

 Sunday, October 3, 2021

"...I have also shared a few pictures of Children of the Cross. Children of the Cross are really growing in number and spirituality. There are children of other religions as well. These children are praying faithfully and regularly. Thank God for your coming book on children formation. We are really in need of this book. It is sad that we lack material for children. But thank you to you...."