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Out of the Darkness

Out of the Darkness

by Mary Kloska

This work is a collection of treasures Jesus has shared with Mary Kloska’s heart. In offering this to the reader, Mary hopes to witness to the great power Jesus’ Cross contains in itself.  Her heart cringes at the thought of her interior life with Him being laid open so bare before the world, but she remembers that her Spouse was crucified naked, bearing all of Himself to the world and allowing us to reach out and touch His naked wounds so that we can know the fathomless abyss of His Love contained within them.  And so, Mary allows herself to be spiritually ‘naked’ with Him in order for you all to receive His Love in this intimate way.  Because Jesus gives such great gifts to be shared with all of His Church, Mary prays that who she is does not distract you from Who He is, for that is what He wants to show to you here.  Mary lays herself bare as His little wife crucified with Him on the Cross.  Similar to St. Paul, she must simply live so that she can say, “I no longer live, but Jesus Crucified lives in me.”  She prays you meet Him here in these pages. Amen. Alleluia.  Fiat.


“Mary Kloska has painted yet another wonderful icon as the title of this book. She provides a good explanation of the icon, which depicts Christ’s love as gentle, humble and strong. Even though Jesus is shown on the cross and bleeding profusely, Mary shows us that He is in control. He looks at the scene in front of Him. It is as if He is directly looking in each person’s eyes, who lived, is living, or will live. He looks into the eyes of the aborted and miscarried. He knows their need for salvation and sacrifices Himself. His strength is clear in that look, in the fact of giving Himself up, even more than the weakness of His of being crucified. That depth of profundity enters into the pages of the book and engages the reader, contemplatively.  A reader cannot rush through the chapters. Every sentence must be thought about; every picture must be entered. Each section of each chapter builds on the next in a way that is deliberate and written with the attempt to bring spiritual understanding to the reader.” – Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson, WCAT Radio host of “Author to Author“, Chief Academic Officer, Dean of Online Learning, and Professor of Dogmatic and Moral Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary


“This manuscript deeply affected me in my spiritual life… and its very hard for an 82-year-old to learn anything new… this was really life-changing to my spirituality.” – Ronda Chervin, Professor of Philosophy and author of numerous books, including Always a New Beginning: A Conversation Between Broken Catholic Spiritual Warriors


“‘When St. Paul arrived in Corinth and began evangelizing, he told the Corinthians he did not come to share any worldly wisdom or lofty rhetoric, but only the simple, gospel truth of Jesus Christ, and him… crucified’ (1 Corinthians 2:1-2). In her new book… Out Of The Darkness… author, artist, and musician, Mary Kloska, follows along this same, powerful path. Unfortunately, due to the hedonistic cultural milieu that dominates our society, following the path of Jesus crucified is a rather lonely journey. Even in those few sectors where Christianity is still practiced, emphasis on the cross is noticeably diminished if not clearly absent (e.g., the ‘prosperity gospel’). Having said this, it would be hard to imagine a more timely spiritual treatise than this one. The author takes the reader deep into the beauty, mystery, wisdom and power of Jesus crucified by way of spiritual insights and observations that are fresh, inspiring, and wonderfully invigorating. Like a rainstorm in the desert, this book is entering into the ‘spiritual void’ of our times and will almost certainly become a Lenten staple as well as a focal point for The New Evangelization.” –Fr. Lawrence Edward Tucker, SOLT, author of The Prayer of Jesus Crucified: A Simple Way to Go Further in PrayerAdventures in The Father’s Joy! Mission Stories for the New EvangelizationTo Whom The Heart Decided To LoveThe Redemption Of San Isidro: a Tale of Mercy and Love


“This book is a gift to anyone who reads it because it shows us how – as Jesus said to Mary – ‘we can be profoundly made one’ with Him on the Cross.” – Sr. Patrizia Pasquini, ASC, Generalate sisters of the Most Precious Blood

“Physical and spiritual nakedness are deep realities in these words of Mary Kloska. Jesus, totally exposed to the evil of generations past and to those yet unborn. And in this book is the call and the invitation to expose our spiritual nakedness and to be one with Him on His journey to the Father’s will. Yes, there is a light to come from the tomb, but first we enter the darkness.” Deacon Tom Fox, Catholic Podcaster and Catholic Radio Host

Mary's reading aloud Stations 1&2 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 5&6 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 9&10 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 13&14 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 17&18 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 3&4 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 7&8 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 11&12 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 15&16 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

Mary's reading aloud Stations 19, 20 &21 and Chaplet of Divine Mercy

A retreat about Jesus' interior suffering on the Cross
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