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Mary Elizabeth Anne Kloska, Fiat. +

(Little Wife of Jesus Crucified)

I am the ninth child of 13 children from a 100% Polish family. I have six brothers and six sisters. After my Mom miscarried my last sister (who actually would bring us to 14), my parents began taking in foster babies. My littlest brother Johnny was our 13th foster child and after getting caught up in the court system for two years we were able to adopt him. My entire family is 100% practicing Catholic. I presently have 73 nieces and nephews, and one great-niece as well. 

I was born on January 13, 1977. On my birth announcement my Dad wrote, "Number nine is sunshine!" and that was the little motto by which I lived throughout my childhood -to always be the 'sunshine child.' Here are simply some pictures from my family -from the time I was really little to the present -perhaps through these snapshots you can get to know my life and our family.

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