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The Holiness of Womanhood is now available in Urdu!

It will soon be available on Amazon. 

Please check back soon for more information on the link, as well as information as to where you can purchase a printed text in Pakistan.

Are you interested in donating towards making copies of this book available to the poor, persecuted women and Church in Pakistan? If so, please contact me in the 'contact forum' on this page to find out how you can make a TAX EXEMPT donation to the Fiat Foundation for this purpose!

Below are two videos about the book my translator in Pakistan wrote about the work he is doing with this book...

Here are pictures of my Urdu translator sharing about the teachings of my book, 'The Holiness of Womanhood' at seminars in Pakistan.

Email I received from my translator:
Dear Mary,
Greetings and hope you read this message in the best of your health. Mary, I hope you have heard about the sad news of a young girl named Arzoo. She is a thirteen years old girl from Karachi (Pakistan) kidnapped by 44 years old Muslim who forced her to convert to Islam and marry him.
Arzoo is from a Christian family from the parish of St. Anthony of Karachi. The child was kidnapped by a Muslim while playing outside her home.

Every family and all young girls are sad and afraid these days. There are many protests on the roads as well.
Young Christian girls (even boys) are losing hope and really uncertain about their future. Parents (especially mothers) are also looking for some hope and peace.
There is sadness in the air in our place. So, I decided to go to the churches to spread some hope in this tough time.

Today I got an opportunity to talk to the Christian youth in one of our churches in Lahore. In the beginning of my talk everyone was sad. everyone shared their uncertainty. Everyone is experiencing their hopelessness.
Then I started reading a few cites from your book. Later I translated in Urdu (as many of them could not understand English well).
Gradually I felt a certain kind of hope, peace and some joy. I spent some time with them on chapter 8 of your book “Woman and the Cross, The Eucharist and Prayer”.

Mary, thanks for bringing hope, joy and peace to our wounded women through your book. Pakistani women need your book in Urdu. This has become the sign of time in our situation. Everyday our women are facing bitter realities, your book can bring them some understanding and peace.

Our women (rich, poor, old, young, educated, uneducated, urban, rural and of course wounded) are waiting to be healed, and your book can bring some healing and understanding.

Take care and God bless you. Everything will be done according to God’s plan.
Aqif Shahzad"

Sales are exploding in Urdu in Pakistan. In a few short weeks 700 copies have been sold and the remaining 300 will be picked up from the printer this week and distributed. My translator wrote to me:

"I have sold books in different areas of Lahore. There are really many women and men even who have a thirst to read this book but they have no money to buy. I also wish to print “Out of Darkness” in Urdu because these days’ Christians are really suffering in Pakistan. Even three days before a woman named Tabita (a gospel singer) she was the victim of blasphemy. Everyone knows she is innocent. But people really beat her badly in the hospital while she was on her duty. She is a nurse by profession. I really do not know what could be done for these innocent women but at least books like Out of Darkness and Holiness of womanhood can give them hope. These books (especially new one) will tell them that Jesus has suffered for our suffering. And he is very much present in our daily suffering. Everyday Christina women and men are suffering in this country.

I have really left everything on God, he will guide but need your continued prayers.

I have attached a few pictures of the promotion of Holiness of Womanhood. In every picture I am in groups or with individuals to promote this book. And here I must say that women in my place do not feel easy being pictured. So sometimes I find it tough to take pictures. So I have to respect their will. That is why I do not have so many pictures. I am sure you will understand this gap..."

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